March 8, 2017

Matthew J. Bailey, MCT

Matthew J. Bailey is a lead instructor with Noteworthy Technology Training. He holds numerous Microsoft certifications including the following: MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer), MCSE, MCP and MCSA. He has worked as a SharePoint Business Analyst, Administrator, Trainer & Developer working with on-premises, cloud (Office 365 / SharePoint Online) and hybrid deployments. He has also worked with Azure for over four (4) years. His real-world consulting experience from organizations such as McDonald’s and The United States Patent Office have accelerated his knowledge on teaching skills that produce results. He has a very broad range of SharePoint experience from configuring and administering SharePoint to developing solutions and truly loves to teach technology to those who would like to learn it.

He often speaks about SharePoint and Azure, including a highlight of speaking at the Microsoft Ignite Conference, as well as several other Microsoft related events. He is an active participant and organizer among community user groups and SharePoint and Azure events. Visit his blog at to learn more about Matthew.