March 9, 2017

Microsoft Job Description Writing Services

The cost to hire isn’t discussed as much as it should be. How many hours are wasted for both the company employees (Human Resources and IT Managers) and the candidates on trying to find something that was never a match in the first place? And let us not forget the cost of paying for job posting ads that never amount to anything due to their incorrect nature. Although we are not recruiters (by choice), some companies may hire recruiting agencies to fill this gap, but almost all recruiters behaviors are purely based on sales skills and have little to no IT knowledge, let alone specifics to fill a Microsoft position.

Are you having issues with:

  • Finding the right candidates?
  • Finding too many wrong candidates?
  • Not finding any candidates?
  • Candidates leaving repeatedly from a position?

Somewhere between the lack of skilled Microsoft professionals and your job opening, a rift may have started to occur. Although some jobs remain unfilled due to circumstances such as location, pay restrictions and other mitigating factors, having the correct job description in your posting initially is needed to begin a successful journey in finding talent. Without this, you may be losing candidates that could have been a fit and attracting candidates who are not. Since we work with this technology on a daily basis, letting us talk with your stakeholders to determine what is really needed and create an accurate, descriptive job posting is a great way to start isolating the right candidates for your opening. And if you need us more through candidate search process, skill testing and pre-interviewing candidates are other options we can offer in finding the right match for your open position.

Reach out to us and see how we can help you with your Microsoft related job opening challenges.